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ANZA - Graphic Design

Brief: Design a mascot for Anza’s (formerly TEACH) new ‘Dress up and Farm’ program running in primary schools across England. Implement this mascot into 2 posters to advertise the program and into 6 class and assembly presentation to be given to children aged 4-11 years. Produce a weekly report for the client.

Duration: 4 Months Volunteer Work as a graphic design intern.

Year: 2014

Skills shown: Graphic Design


I produced a lot of posters until the client was satisfied with both the mascot and that the poster reflected that of their aim to educatechildren. The chosen posters involved the banana mascot walking around the globe with black footprints indicating it’s carbon footprint. 


The 6 presentations that I produced for Anza had the fun mascot banana in as often as possible. They were as interactive as possible and were suited for primary school children. All the content for these presentation were provided by Anza.