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Emotionally Designed Branded Bottle

Brief: Design a bottle for a chosen brand, a chosen persona and a chosen activity. Consider the emotional aspects of the user in your evaluation.

Duration: 5 Weeks Level 2 Coursework

Year: 2012

Skills shown: Product Design, Emotional Design, Prototyping.

Result: A Laura Ashley bottle designed specifically for middle aged (50 years) men for the activity of callisthenics.



Research included that of the brand, the target market and the activity the bottle is intended for. Laura Ashley was found to be quintessentially English that takes the country side into urban areas within the home. To learn about the target market I interviewed, took questionnaires and generally researched physio, socio, ideo and pyscho characteristics to see what kind of bottle the users would want. Finally to investigate the activity I interviewed typical people who took part in the activity. I found that Callisthenics is an exercise consisting of simple movements, intended to increase body strength and flexibility with movements using only one’s body weight for resistance.


To produce the design I used a simple sketch development process that involved both sketches and low fidelity prototypes. 

Kansei Analysis:

Kansei engineering aims to develop or improve of products and services by translating the customer’s psychological feelings and needs into the domain of product design. These 5 words were taken from the brands core values as well as the personas requirements. The further out the line goes for any particular word mean the design is more successful for sed word. This result was taken from 20 people using Kansai engineering software; www.kanseiengineering.net.

The results showed that concept 3, although perceived as less masculine was the most successful of the 3, although people I spoke too prefer the cap of the other 1 and 2.

Focus Group and User Evaluation:

Prototypes were produced by 3D printing and CNC 3D router. This was then useful in a focus group and questionnaire results. These results revealed people did consider the bottle fitted with the brand by reflecting tidalwaves, waterfalls and other natural things. However the focus group also revealed the problems with the design in it was fairly annoying to drink from due the the large curve. Therefore these results were reflected and improved in the final design.

Final Design Features:

 Easy to sip spout - the users wanted a dignified sip rather than a squirt

-  Swan inspired body - to convey Laura Ashley.

-  Blow moulded LDPE Body

-  Branded carabiner - Something to subtly put ‘Laura Ashley’ without over branding it and making it too feminine.

-  Anti-leak design - the users thought this was a big problem for them as a lot of their bottles started leaking early in their use-cycle.