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Dieselpunk Food Processor

Brief: Design a kitchen product with reference to the inter-war style Dieselpunk.

Duration: 3 Weeks 

Year: 2015

Skills shown: Product Design, Style Appreciation, Animation and video editting.


To produce the design I used a simple sketch development process that involved both sketches and low fidelity prototypes. 

Chosen Design:

The final design was decided through clay prototyping and sketching through development from the initial sketching.

Proof of Style:

To prove the concept is related to the style, I used a series of classic Dieselpunk photos with the concept next to it. The food processor draws inspiration from old industrial machinery, cars, trains and even a Zeppelin airship. 

Technical Details - Exploded View and Orthographic:

The slideshow displays an exploded view showing all main components and how they are put together. Costings were based on the first 10,000 units and does not include transport or storage. This number was chosen due to the specialty of this style not being too widely known and many people not caring for the embellishments there simply mean the price of the device is increased. The final cost was £38.29 which is fairly high, however due to the speciality of this piece, the final retail price would also be fairly high.

This orthographic shows the basic overall sizes of the food processor.