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Dyson Branded Bike Helmet

Brief: Design a branded bike helmet that complys with current safety standards and provides a chosen persona their needs and desires.

Duration: 2 Weeks. Team project with Erin Hutzel and Hannah Goss. All work shown is my own if not otherwise stated. 

Year: 2014 Carleton University

Skills shown: Product Design, Brand Investigation, Team Work, Standards Appreciation, Clay Prototyping.

Result: Dyson was reflected through the new technology of Koroyd instead of the expanded polystyrene providing improved impact resistance and also reflecting their colour scheme. Aesthetics are functional with good ventilation but let people develop their own emotions about the product. 

Research and Ideation

Research and ideation was conducted as a team and involved speaking to Dyson employees, Kansai analysis and online research followed by rough sketches. This was then presented to a class.


The form of the helmet was constructed from clay. This allowed a lot of form exploration as it is an easy medium to cut and change. After finding a form the helmet was prepared for airbrushing, using a matte grey to represent Dyson colour scheme. Purple koroyd was represented by straws and purple paint. A mirror was used to make the design whole as to save trying to get both sides perfectly symmetrical, only one side was modelled.


The orthographic shows the final shape and a few of the key sizes. This is not for technical use.