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MOCO Kettle

Brief: Design a product to try and address the problem of over use of water in the average British home and make people realise it is a valuable resource.

Duration: 5 Week Level 2 Coursework

Year: 2012

Skills shown: Product Design, Interface Design

Results: My answer was the MOCO kettle. A device that:

- Filters water so less lime-scale

- Fills the kettle up to your exact specifications

- Has steam to water system

- Has variable heat to settings

- Can be controlled via an app through WiFi

- Has a keep warm mode and thermometer so no need to reboil.



In Britain we drink 229 million cups of tea everyday and with 2 out of 3 times we fill up the kettle with twice the amount of water we need. 0.67 x 229 million cups gives 153 million cups meaning around 30 million litres of water are wasted everyday. With lime-scale build up common and it being a poor conductor of heat meaning heating the water become ever more difficult and expensive the avoidance of the build up is important. A solution that exists is boiling taps. However these are expensive, take up a lot of room and means you have to carry around the water in a pan rather then in a sealed kettle, which can cause a hazard.

Storyboard Explanation: 

1. Pour water into the 2 litre tank.

2. The water goes through the filter before going into the tank.

3. Use either the interface or app to set temperature and volume to boil. Alternatively set alarm on the app to ask if you want the tea.

4. Steam generated turned back to water in the cooling system.

Features & Interface:

Choose desired temperature and amount - don’t pointlessly boil to much water. Choose units by clicking in the unit below value.

Current temperature - simple thermometer in the kettle so you don’t necessarily have to reboil.

Keep warm feature - Like many modern kettlesit has a ‘keep warm’ feature so the water doesn’t immediately get cold after boiling.

Both the kettle’s interface and the app have the same system of swiping up or down to increase or decrease the numbers.

App extremely simple design so all ages and users can navigate through it without any trouble.